History Of Facebook


The most popular media of today is Facebook. People of all ages, from an early age, love this medium. Especially young people like it more.

It is not just communication but a means of entertainment. This is a great way to express one’s interests and feelings. This has made relations with people stronger. Young people are extremely addicted to prism.


From a very small range, Facebook is gaining ground. An American man named Mark Zuckerberg makes it to contact his family. Coincidentally, it is spread all over the world.

At present, the medium is earning billions. In a short time it has spread widely. Its subscribers number about 200 million.

It is unimaginable that it will move so fast. With this, new wishes can be made. Relationships with everyone are sweet. In a very short time the whole world is getting news. It’s very easy to use. Not expensive. Every human can use Facebook. Everybody like it very much. It is a popular entertainment system.


But it has some bad sides. It has a lot of negative sides also and we know. It allows people to communicate freely. It can cause damage.People spend a lot of time getting addicted to it. It has the same benefits and disadvantages. Many people send misinformation through it. We should use it properly.