Modern Computer System


The computer is most important technology of the modern world we know. Now we should not think any kind of difficult work without computer. Computer is a necessary point of over the world.

Computer can does any kind of hard work very easily. Computers can easily do things that humans are unable to do. Without the computer, it is almost impossible to solve the complex problems of the present day.


Over time the computer is getting more modern. Early computers were very weak. The computers of today are very strong and full of action.

Computers are basically known as a counting machine. But computing is a naked thing to a computer. Computer can solve any complex problem.

A man named Charles Babbage is considered the father of modern computers. Microsoft has made computer better. In the past, this device operated on floppy devices. With the invention of Windows, computers have become much easier to use.


Computers are being used in counting, in the medical field, in the business sector, in science research, in entertainment, in the security of the country. In a word, the computer is being used for any purpose. It is impossible to describe the usefulness of a computer. The extent of the damage is very small. The benefits are greater. At present, life without a computer is rare.