The Importance Of Mobile Phones


Mobile phones are a very important device in the present world. It has made the human communication system very easy. With the invention of mobile phones, communication has come into the hands of people. Distance is no longer a terror to humans.


We can easily get news from all over the world. Mobile phones were very expensive. But now it has reached the hands of all people. Now it’s a lot easier.

The story of the invention of mobile phones is very old. The evolution of radio to mobile phones. Radio was the first stage of communication. But the radio communication system was not improved. It was one-way. It was large in size and incapable of transport. Mobile phones are much smaller and convenient in size. Any person, small or large, can use it.

A mobile phone is basically a device. You have to add a network system to it. Since 1990, mobile phones have become widely used. But then it was very expensive. Now very easily available. The mobiles of that time were somewhat larger and weaker in size. The menu was very minimal. Today’s mobiles are very powerful and have many menus. They can be used for versatile purposes. Nowadays mobile phones can talk for a long time. Pictures can be taken. Audio-video can be captured. The Internet can be used. At present, it is a major form of entertainment.


There are many companies making mobile phones. Some of the famous companies are Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony, LG, Blackberry, Apple, Walton, Symphony, Maximus, Micromax etc.

The importance of mobile phones is of great importance in communication and entertainment. We should use it properly.