The Importance of Reading Newspaper

The Importance of Reading Newspaper

Introduction: Newspaper is a paper that carries news to us. A newspaper is a paper which carries news and views of home and abroad to us. It tells us what is happening at home and abroad. In the morning we wait eagerly for a newspaper. It is the store-house of knowledge and information.



History: The newspaper was first published in China. It was the first published in England during the reign of Queen Elizabeth. the Indian Gazette which was the first newspaper in Indo-Bangladesh was published in 1774. The first Bengali newspaper was the “Samachar Darpan”. The Christian missionaries of Serampore published it.

Kind of newspaper: There are many kinds of newspapers. They are dailies, biweeklies, monthlies, quarterlies etc. The daily newspapers contain the news of daily affairs of home and abroad. There are some other papers which are known as periodicals and magazines. The other papers publish stories, poems, essays etc. They contain literary articles. There are many English and Bengali dailies in our country. The Daily Ittefaq, The Dainik Bangla, The Inkilab, The Jogantar, The Prothom Alo, The Sangbad, The Bangladesh Observer Etc are the daily newspaper in our country.


Mandatory Credit: Photo by Pavel Rahman/AP/Shutterstock (7254361a)
NEWSPAPERS Bangladeshi newspapers carry headlines of the auto accident that killed Princess Diana, her friend Dodi Fayed, and their driver in Dhaka. The crash happened on Sunday in Paris as she was chased by photographers on motorcycles


Reading Newspaper: Newspaper reading means the habit of reading newspaper. Newspaper is an important publication that helps people know what is happening around them. Besides news items, experts present their views and opinions on various issues in newspaper. General people can also express their views through newspaper columns. Many important announcements are also published in newspaper. Newspaper also carries advertisements of various goods and services available in the market. eReading newspaper is a good habit we know. By reading newspaper we can learn all these. We also learn about the latest political movements and changes in the govermment and the international politics and affairs by going through the international page. From The business page, we can learn about the economy of our country, business affairs of the country and many other statistical things. Even its sports page provides the reader with the latest news of sports and games.

Usefulness:  Newspaper is very useful to all sections of people we know. We can not think the modern world without newspaper. It has made the world smaller too more. It helps people to express opinions. It also helps publicity. It has a great educative value. Through newspaper we may know the market conditions, games and sports, political situations etc of the country we mean of the earth. If we read newspaper daily we can keep our daily routine up to date with the current world. On the other hand, a man who does not read newspaper is like a frog in a narrow whole.



Demerits:  A newspaper is not altogether free from evils. It has some demerits also. Sometimes it published false or partisan news. It excites public feelings.

Conclusion: We can not think of a day without newspaper. The more we read newspaper, the more we can acquire knowledge. In fact, newspaper is the most useful thing in modern life. Without newspaper we can’t think our digital human society. So, we want to read newspaper regularly And too strongly for better life and more.

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